We have a network at work and there is a rather diverse assortment of windows versions (i think we even have 3.1 somewhere)

windows 95, 98, 2000 can be used to ftp and other OTHER internet usage (not just http) the XP, 2003 machines cant seem to connect (no ftp out).

we use a suse 7.1 linux machine running squid as our proxy to an ADSL line, it does not seem to be the problem as 95, 98, 2000 work.

My current way of working entails (my OS is XP PRO and 2003 ENT) saving the files i need to ftp to the network then open my FTP server machine (windows 95 with WS FTP, controlled via TightVNC) and then FTPng (very tiresome)

The error says cannot connect to remote host. web browsing works fine and ftp settings are ok. Does XP / 2003 have a block to internet access other than http? firewalls not the isue as even when all are disabled it still does not want to connect.


Have you set up that XP Machine to use your proxy server for FTP as well? I think you have to do that in Windows XP-- it may not be set by default.

where do you set that up?
Skype, Http work. Gmail pop3 access does not work ether!!!

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