Hi all

Earlier today i installed a registry cleaner ( Tweek Now Reg Cleaner ) to be precise & also ( Startup Inspector ) because the Pc was running a little sluggish or so i felt. - Anyways the upshot of my latest little foray into messing about with my Packard is - - now when it starts i get a succesion of (( Bonk )) noises - bonk - bonk - bonk - bonk - bonk - { u know the standard response from windows when u have pissed it off }. . . so i am wondering is there any way i can sort it out or do i just have 2 be (( Bonked )) xuse the pun. every time i reboot ?

as always all suggestions greatly appreciated.


Did you try uninstall the programs you mentioned .

sazz, Uninstalling those programs would be a trick to try certainly, but I'm curious.

Is there any other problem apart from the noises when you start? Does your PC operate just fine otherwise?

Yes, there will be ways to sort it out. Several in fact. Only one of them is the option to leave the speakers turned off until after your 'pooter has started up.

You've probably got something trying to load at startup and it's missing a necessary part now that you've 'hit it up' with some software sledgehammers. If you clarify the situation a bit more I'm sure we can help.

We can't have you getting 'bonked' by your PC now, can we?

I can think of two things you can try. The first thing is did you know if Tweak Now Reg Cleaner created a backup of your registry before it deleted any registry keys. If it did, you might want to recover your registry with the app. Then you can try and in the RUN dialog, type MSCONFIG and turn everything back on startup. OR. You can try To restore your computer to last know configuration. To do this, when booting up press F8. One of the options will say LAST KNOW CONFIGURATION. Use that option. OR
In windows goto start-->all programs-->accesories-->system tools-->system restore choose a date before you did your changes. If you dont have system restore enabled on your system then none of this applys. Sorry.