I'm an Avid gamer, and recently I was hoping to see what turning off my Vsync would do for my framerate. I'm currently running a 2.6 ghz p4, 512 RAM and a Radeon 9600xt.

Whenever I go into the display properties under the settings tab and attempt to hit the advanced button a blue screen shows stating my computer was shut down to prevent any damage.

I'm not too sure on when this problem started I used the Radeon control panel up until now. Any help would be great.


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Did you buy the PC from a vendor such as HP or Dell or is this a home-built machine? Regardless, I would look for an update to the video driver you are using. If you did buy the PC from a vendor then you should go to their support site (ie if this is a Dell go to http://support.dell.com) and put in your model or serial number and find the download for that card. If you go into the Device Manager (Control panel -->System-->Hardware tab) and look at "Display" you should see your ATI card...go to Properties and then Driver and write down what version the driver is...then compare to the version offered for download.

Its a self built PC, and all the displ;ay drivers are up to date. I do have a question though, would a power supply that is less then "optimal" have any effect on how well my PC ran? I understand that a massive power shortage would prevent the Computer from starting up.

Thnx again.

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