Currently running Windows XP x64 SP2

The box i'm talking about is the box when you right click on any file and it pops off to the right or left.

I have winrar and now drop box that didn't properly add their little features that are usually automatic. As you can see the poweriso features seem to have worked fine. All 3 programs are coded for x86 version of windows. Also, whats this box's official name?

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So, i dug around more by digging through settings of winrar and it would seem that they are call context menus. Then did a google search for x64 context menus and there is a simple registry hack to make them work for x64. Also, dropbox is working on x64 platform support which will fix the lack of context menus.

Why x86 context menus are different then x64 context menus I have not a clue. But, suffice to say that ill have to live with the lack of proper context menu options for applications that do not support x64.

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