Is Windows x64 Edition faster running then a regular Windows xp???

yes but less drivers etc.. run on it and it tends to crash more

doesn't vista runn in x64, mine had a x64 on the install dics

yes you can install either version but unless you need every ounce of speeed you can get and are willing to sacrafice some stabiliy and compatibility, just use the 32 bit version

no - the boundary between 32 and 64 is kinda wierd


Itanium or Opteron = 64 bit only

athlon 64 or Pentium 4 with EMT64 = 32 bit cpu that can handle 64 bit stuff

Athlon 64 is a 32bit CPU that can handle 64 bit stuff? That doesn't make sense? Are you sure?

apparently (my old IT teacher told me this but he was an idiot) the Athlon64 is like the pntium 4 with EMT64 in that it has aregular 32 bit instruction set but 64 bot registers (actually, it might be the other way around, cant remeber)

I tested my 64 VS. 32 a little while back when i was extremely bored. graphically,64 is better but it seems to take longer loading big apps (like photoshop cs2)

All in all - the 32 bit version is the most stable way to go

exactly. i like 32 as i run linux and certian codecs etc.... only run on the 32 bit version