I stumbled upon this peice of software called "Input Director" and thought it could be useful because i have two desktops and dont have enough room for two keyboards and mice.

My problem is that these computers are not connected in any way at all and was wondering if any of you guys may have used this or have any advice on how to connect them.

I have a Lap Link cable but i dont know if that can be used to connect them


A KVM switch works very well, I've used it to control four computers with one keyboard, one monitor and one mouse. But don't expect them to last forever -- they wear out eventually and you will have to buy another one.

What should i be looking for because on sites such as amazon they all look different.

like this one is all you need for 2 computers .,i have one and have been using it for 2 yrs or more now .actually mine is from before they had sound plug

also if you plan to use software you have in your first post the 2 towers will have to be networked together also ..I like that the software allow for clipboard sharing between the 2 towers ,with just the kvm and without networking this isn't possible

So would the cheapest option to add the other computer to my home network?

So would the cheapest option to add the other computer to my home network?

I guess so,not sure what you mean .i use a kvm switch ,i have a router ,i plug 2 cat5 cables from router ,one to each of the towers , i don't network them because the other tower belongs to customers of mine therefor i don't need to actually network them .