Hey guys -- someone help please!!! I have been unable to open internet explorer. I did an upgrade to ie7 -- nightmare-- and have since removed it and reverted back to 6. I cannot open internet explorer from anywhere on the computer. I am running xp. It popped open on me yesterday and I quickly did a restore point on system restore. all was fine and then this morning the problem was back. i restored back to that point and it worked. why is this happening? i've been crazy with it for days

how did u install IE7, debi? did u just let it install along with a bunch of other windows updates? Cos there is some talk [and that is all it is..] that that procedure can lead to problems... that it may be best to fully update and then do the installation by itself.
Perhaps you could wind back some updates - uninstall those that came with IE7 and later, do a REPAIR of windows if you have a M$ XP install CD... and then update again.
I'm not saying this will work, it's just something to try.
And if you get your sys together, leave IE7 to those who love risk and problems.

thanks for your reply. I seemed to have worked around the problem (i still don't know how though!) I uninstalled ie7 and all the goodies that came along with it and reverted back to 6 -- checked it out, did a restore point and checked it out again -- so far so good!! I'm not sure what the trouble was but from what I have been reading IE7 seems to be a horrific nightmare. If it should give me any more problems I'll restore back to the good start of ie6 and let it work from there. thanks again

cool. if you have a M$ XP install CD i'd suggest running sfc /scannow just in case some files got damaged in the process...