Hello All,

I program in VB6 and C#. I am having a problem with the Vista ver of Media Player 11.
I am running SP1, and the problem is not restricted to one particular computer.

Audio files are not playing to the end. They are stopping about a half-second or so early at which time the player "hangs up" momentarily before returning to the start of the file. I have searched and found numerous discussions regarding skipping etc., but have yet to see this particular prob addressed.

What I Have Tried:

1. XP WMP11 No problems encountered.
2. Increased the db level at the end of a file to see if the player is prematurely detecting silence, but this is not the prob.
3. Tried both mp3 and wma versions of the same file with identical results.
4. Added 2 seconds of silence at end of file. Entire audible section of file played, but this is really not a feasible option. This simply proves to me that the files are not being found corrupt by WMP at a certain point.
5. I'm fairly certain that previous to SP1, this problem was even worse. The starting of files was delayed by a couple of seconds at times. It's just my guess that SP1 is what was responsible for improvement on that issue.

One Note: I use WMP in intelligent sound boards I develop. Files are cued and played in succession, so this prob I'm encountering is totally amplified. The problem is present in both the URL call from the code, and from the WMP outside of my program implementation.

Looking forward to a healthy discussion here...

Sultan5000 (Jimmy)
Texarkana, Texas USA

Do you know if you have Cross-Fading turned on?

In the Now Playing section there is a little arrow under the tab on the top
If you click this a menu appears
You go to Enhancements-->Cross-fading and auto volume leveling
and a box will show up at the bottom of the window
then you can turn it on/off
and by how many seconds

I've got mine set to about 1.5 to 2 seconds


Thanks. Yeah, I've tried turning on and adjusting the cross-fade feature. It has no discernable effect on this problem.

I'm really thinking this hasn't been addressed because someone would have to be working with sound files in the manner that I am. I crop these files at the end, and it's real obvious that the player is stopping prematurely. Most songs either fade out or may have a little time at the end, so people would never notice this-- or care.

But something is not right and I am in search of the answer.

Sorry i couldn't help!!!