I wrote to Sony to complain about the fact that there are no Drivers nor Utilities for my Laptop on their website and that I had to download them from third party websites because I decided to install XP Pro

Answer :

From: "CanadaSOS" [snipped]
Sent: Monday, March 17, 2008 11:39 PM
To: [snipped]
Subject: Re: VGN=C140QG/B

> [Me],
> Thank you for contacting Sony Support.
> I'm sorry for the confusion. SONY does not support, or recommend installing, any older or previous version of the Windows operating system, because the system hardware (e.g. video adapter, modem, i.Link port, USB port, network card, DVD/CDRW drive, etc.) and applications (e.g. MovieShaker, DVgate, PictureGear, Media Bar, DirectCD, etc.) may not function under the earlier environment. Drivers for previous versions of Windows that did not ship on your VAIO are not provided, or supported, by SONY.
> NOTE: The VAIO System and Application Recovery Wizard that shipped
> with your computer are designed for use with the SONY pre-
> installed OEM version of Windows only. They will NOT work
> under any alternate Windows platforms.
> Thank you for choosing Sony.
> Sony of Canada, Ltd.
> C62J
> Greg

First, WTF.
"Drivers for previous versions of Windows that did not ship on your VAIO are not provided, or supported, by SONY"
I do not want drivers for previous versions, I WANT DRIVERS, PERIOD.
Screw that, "older versions" Drivers should just be available to download from the website!!!
And for the Utilities... Wireless Switch Utility... Sony Event Manager (to use Fn Keys)... wtf?? "NOT work under alternate Windows platforms"


Fortunately, I've been able to find what I need on third party websites... But now, I still need the Event Manager to make my function keys work to be able to dim my screen and all.

Is there any third party software I can use for that?

hey friend,went through the same headache
i went to sonystyle.com and had to download there drivers to get the shortcut keys to function BEWARE you read,they had a order they had to be installed