hello to all!.. ahhm!.. i dont know where should i post this question..i just want to know how to make a image file using Nero?...
somebody wants to help me step by step....
more power to this site...
God bless!

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Burning an image with Nero 6...
Okay, say you have the Nero window up, the one with all the icons, not Nero Express. Across the top icons hover over Copy and Backup, when the options below change select Burn Image to Disc.
Nero Burning ROM window opens, and on top pops the Open window - browse to your .iso, .nrg, .cue file, whatever... and select it [open it].
A new window, Burn Compilation will open: Write will be checked; if you do NOT wish to add further files to the disc check Finalize CD also. Press Burn.
Do not use Data CD or any other mode cos all you will get is a copy of the iso on the cd [ you have one already in your hd!...]; if you look at the files on your new cd and see .iso mentioned anywhere, start over. If you use Nero 6 then the defaults for image burning are fine.
Reacp: you merely select Burn an Image, browse to and select the .iso and press Burn. That is all it takes. If you use a CD-RW then hold the burn speed lowish, say 4x.

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