Hi there,

i bought a dell laptop with windows vista recently. I also have a desktop with Windows XP and my internet connection is via wired modem (PPoE). I have absolutely no problems accesing internet on my desktop but am not able to access same with my laptop.

Tried calling Dell who advised to contact my ISP and the technical support team of my ISP say they can identify no problems from their side and that the broadband is fine and running.

I have a feeling its to do with the vista on my laptop.
i tried to ipconfig in my laptop and it says:

Ethernet adapter local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . . : fe80::2191:84f7:c117:3e3%10
Autoconfiguration IPv4 Address. . . .:
Subnet mask. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. :
Default Gateway. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . :

and if I ipconfig on my desktop it shows:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : lan
IP Address . . . . . . :
Subnet mask. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. :
Default Gateway. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . :

I am a beginner to computers and I feel helpless as both My ISP and Dell are not able to help me out.

Any help appreciated,


I would try a couple of basics. In command type:

ipconfig /release


ipconfig /renew

If this does not work, check your internet properties settings. You might also check to see if your network card needs updating. Also try some control testing; Take your laptop somewhere else to see if you can connect. Post back some results so we can check into it! Have a great day!

am having the same problem...can someone help pls

I had this issue and was resolved just by resetting the modem. Just pull the power cable out of the modem, wait for a minute or so, stick it back in. see if this solves your problems. It did mine as i got a dell laptop with vista and desktop with xp i dont use the router just one of them at a time to connect to the net.



You sure you're replying to this thread???

i'm having the same problem like shantpanda .

have you tried the above suggestions to see if they work?


I've had a similar problem where my network connection resets and comes back, but internet connection does not come back to the computer even though the router is connected to the internet.

Does assigning a static IP address for your computer and turning off DHCP on your router work?

So far it seems to be working *fingers crossed* and I have only had this problem on this PC (vista ultimate sp1) and have not had this issue with my xp machine.

Disable IPv6 then restart. Run the aformentioned release/renew commands and if that doesn't work I know that a recent update affects certain modem/router two in one models. What modem and/or router are you using?

Disable IPv6 then restart. Run the aformentioned release/renew commands and if that doesn't work I know that a recent update affects certain modem/router two in one models. What modem and/or router are you using?

I have disabled IPv6 so far and will try the release and renew when I get back home this evening, I have a D-Link G604T Gen II.

Will see how it goes.... *fingers crossed still*

All right, I just came back from work and found that my net had decided to cut out while I was gone, grrrrr.

So I did what I usually did and restarted the computer, no go, I still had limited or no connectivity, I restarted the router however, and my net came back up.

So I am possibly thinking it may be the router that is stuffing me up, I have installed the latest firmware for my router, hopefully that will work.
Has anyone tried that with success?

I know that if its connected via network cables that it should work (TCP/IP being an international standard and everything) but might be that old versions of firmware just don't like vista and vica versa?

I think iwth the limited or no connectivity you need to restart the modem/router which works certainly for my vista laptop. Once only it didnt work but then fiddling around with some of the settings in the network connections, like refreshing the ip address sorted it out for me but every now and then i do have to restart my modem/router.


ahhh, oops, I replied in the wrong thread before, lol.

I have come back home to find that my internet has dropped out on me again, I am beginning to think its my router that is the issue as I restarted my pc, but I still kept getting limited or no connectivity, restarted the router however, and got my network and my internet connection back.

I have diabled IPV6 and have updated the firmware on the router to the latest one, hopefully that will help.

oh wait no I didnt, sorry, got a bit confused, v v v tired :)

Hello Snikey24, Hi Mr. Nsidian,

I have a, band spanking, new... pc with Vista, a WRt54G Linksys router (actually have 3 I have tried). Per Linksys my router is compatible. This computer is still a bit naked. No clutter.

I am getting the same responses when I run ipconfig .../release and .../renew.

.. got a lot of info on Linksys site. like getting the mac address (physical address), however, when I go to Google, and this could just be that i'm not familiar with new google use, I type in the and it goes to Google images... uh, what. tried several times ..of course.

Down-loaded trusty Firefox which uses Google as well.. so. Tried FF... network times out. tried & 1.1; timed out.

I hooked everything up on my two mac, everything being the routers (tried the all) and they all work great! yes, i turned off airport, and broadcast of signal from mac, and set it so detecting the hard wire to main mac was only detecting option, the wire free mac was set on airport and found the router no problem.

trying to figure out the previously mentioned Disable IPv6. Went to www.ipv6day.com. they say you can't do this on Vista.

See "Manual Address Configuration. "
I am having trouble just getting to the network connections folder in Vista... the Macintosh facade of windows is ... a dead end. not being a programmer i dont know where to look. and no the control panel does not provide more that cute icons, (i want to put a bow on them). Trying the device manager... (will have to update on this later.. as i have work just now).

So, I can only conclude, (unless someone can expand my brain a bit .. please), that it is Vista.

looking for the vista fix on windows... i see other people having similar issues but no fix. Everyone has a suggestion that works on XP or 98….

please help mae!

try creating ip address manually. this worked for me.


yep it is vista....dont know why it is creating so much problems with the net connections.

All these clues a shouting out just one thing only...Go back to XP.
I am assuming everyone facing problems are using the routers with integrated modems in em. If anyone using a modem and seperate router, can they try using the modem without the router and see if they get past this issues.


oh good ..... and how did you do it please... ?

try creating ip address manually. this worked for me.



oh, this is good ..... and, "......how did you do it?"

try creating ip address manually. this worked for me.


Here jenny

Some info on IP configuation. was gonna do a full wite up myself but m too lazy. so found this for ya. Hope it helps


I am assuming that i am not breaking any rules here, although if i am then please feel free to change

Jenny if this doesnt help then give us a shout and i ll try not to be too lazy.

Good Luck


Raj.. thanks. for the info and for recognizing my quirky tude... I'll check this tonight and let ya know. thank you again...
Jenny ; )

To cnfigure TCP/IP manually

1. In Control Panel, open Network and Dial-up Connections .

2. Right-click the local area connection you want to modify.

3. Select Properties .

4. In the General dialog box, select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) . .......(HIGHLIGHT THIS OPTION)

5. Click Properties .

6. In the General dialog box, select the Use the following IP address option.

7. Type the IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway in the respective boxes.
The network administrator must provide these values for individual users, based on the IP addressing plan for your site.

• The value in the IP Address box identifies the IP address for the interface.

• The value in the Subnet Mask box is used to identify the network ID for the selected network adapter.

8. Click OK to save the IP addressing information.

9. Click OK to save the connection properties.

I set my IP address manually as well and it does not seem to drop out as oftern, its done it once or twice, but nowhere near the amount of the times it was doing it when I had my ip address on automatic.

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