Nearly every time it turn me pc of for a while it always loads up with cmos checksum - defaults loaded. If i just restart the pc it all loads up fine.
I have replaced the motherboards cmos battery and it still does the same.
Tryed numorous different components inside the pc (hard drive / cd drive / memory) but no difference
The motherboard is an fb52 v1.2 and ive tried to do a bios update , but every site i try to get an update for it has dead links.
Please help me out on this.
Any info would make my day.

on the mother board there should be a jumper to reset the bios. reset the bios then see if the error goes away.

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Thank you bobbyraw
I checked out my mobo and it turns out that the jumper pin was missing on the motherboard.
I have fitted another pin and have rebooted it a few times and it seems to be ok.
Thanks for your help