I am having problems with using the icons like bold, code, quote, etc (the entire toolbar). This is the first time I am experiencing it. I am using IE7 & also I am not able to use the save, cancel buttons while editing too. In other words I am not able to edit my message. What should I do?

In the status bar it shows error. I don't know much about Internet please help with simple words.

Its embarrassing so say that I am a student of IT & yet know nothing about Internet or web browser. I know the easiest way. That is to reinstall the browser. But that would be running away from the problem & not solving it. I thought If I post it here at least I would gain some knowledge.

I believe Any problem can be solved by going back to the past. I will try to remember the resent events that happened relating to this.

I uninstalled AVG Free Version & Installed Mccafee. Mccafee found a Trojan horse & a ad-ware & removed it. The source of ad-ware was a smiley toolbar that I installed.

I installed a reg cleaner. In which there was a Internet Explorer BHO Organizer Tab. In that I removed some reg keys which did not have a name & BHO Executable file, believing that they where traces left by the virus. Ofcorse I dont know what is BHO Executable file

I can recollect only this much. Hope this data makes sense

This toolbar is not part of IE7.

Yes, I know of it. But what should I do

Most add-on toolbars can be removed in Control Panel.
You can also control them in View/Toolbars.

I guess you misunderstood. The moment I found that it came from a dangerous website ( site Advisor Said that to me) I uninstalled the smiley toolbar. But now the IE7 opens every daniweb page with this in the status bar "Done, but with errors on page" And I am not able to use the toolbar provided by daniweb to quote or code etc.

This is a problem that happened after the uninstallation of the toolbar & the reg keys I deleted. I guess I should not have delt with something I dont know. I am going to try mozzila in the mean time.

i use mozilla which has never had a problem with this page . . . also gives you upgrades and suggested useful applications to download for free. its all free too it just replaces Internet Explorer