This is the sceneario.........

I took my HDD out and put it in my mate computer, took out the jumper to make it a slave drive, and i loaded files in it..... i didn't change boot file or ne thing.

I put the jumper back in to make it a master drive, and then booted my computer. The first screen only shows my dvd drive (secondary IDE) when it lists my ide phephrials. Its forgetting my cdrom (secondary IDE) and HDD (Primary IDE).

Now it won't boot, it searches for boot files without ne success. I can boot with a floppy into ms-dos but that's it.

Next thing I find disturbing, is i cant get into the bios. it wont let me get in by pressing DEL, like usual! I tried taking the battrey out to reset the bios, like some n00b told me do, it didn't do S#!T!!!

Thanks heaps........

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and yes i have checked all the IDE cables and Jumpers,
(i have had enough of ppl talking about jumpers).

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