I cannot download any kind of files on my xp it says it is not logo tested but it was previously fine what wrong or missing?

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Never heard of that one!
did you try doing a system restore back to before this problem started !

critical updates

and also I cannot get on any secure website

Have you tried resetting your security settings under INTERNET OPTIONS. Maybe they are on too high.

Try restoring the defaults.

got the secure website problem fixed but I still cannot download or even get onto windows update I get a error message 0x8007045A can you tell me what this is microsoft enjoyes giving people the run around.

Try these

commented: Good Links with good info --KT +1

My computer did not come with a win xp disk it came with 3 recovery disks but they will not work with SFC I tried it will not take them.

Do you have any suggestions?

my computer was built by systemax I have a friend with a winxp disk but hers is a dell will it work?

As far as the problem with downloading, you haven't told us anything about what happened when you tried the suggestions we gave you links to, or even if you have tried them. Please give us specific details about what you've tried and what the exact results were.

I'm thinking he means the error you get when you try installing drivers that aren't tested by WHQL yet with that 'not logo tested' message.

DMR's giving good advice here, you should be sure to follow it to the letter!

found out win update installed the v5 version I still have v4 in my pc so there conflicting if I try to use the v5 version I have these problems if I go through a back approach to use the v4 version I got all of the critical updates but I can't figure out to get the v5 version out.

I see what you mean, you mean the V5 version of the Windows Update software that the web site downloads to your machine so it can scan your machine to figure out what updates you have.

That's a pretty strange problem you have there. I've never heard or seen this one before. Short of reverting to a system restore point from a time prior to this problem, I can't think of a way to fix it.

I could try reinstalling DD_v4DDv4

You could, but I don't think that would remove V5, though.

Do you have Windows XP Service Pack 2 installed? V5 should install on your first visit to Windows Update after SP2 gets installed. V5 shouldn't be on the system elsewise, (at least to my knowledge). If you installed SP2, I'd recommend trying to remove that first. (Again, system restore is your friend, rolling back to prior to this problem SHOULD solve this).

what is WSEM update?

WSEM Update is 'Internet Optimizer' (some call it Windows Optimizer), and is spyware or malware. You need to ask in the Security forum for help removing it. I'd recommend starting at the following post, where you can learn how to avoid and repair many spyware/malware/adware infections.


I'd recommend downloading Spybot Search and Destroy from that list, I've seen some posts indicating it might be able to get rid of that for you.

I have spybot but I also took the update out in add and remove programs

No problem. Hope it stays gone, heheh.

how about 180 search assistant?

and cookie#60?

Not sure about the latter, but 180 Search Assistant is spyware/adware.

Again, you'd be better off posting for this stuff in the Security forum, I am not an expert on this spyware stuff (yet).

Fair warning, the 'Add/Remove Programs' app will not work for 180 Search Assistant, that much I know. Read this page for more info, including an uninstall method that won't help much, since they keep changing the names of files in each version of the bugger.


I've got all the msx files but it will not regiser them it says "the specific module could not be found"

I got 180 solutions out it tries to come back in at times but my sygate firewall block it .
My next big problem is win update. Win update dowloaded the new beta version V5 and sp2 I am not a tester so I cannot get onto the troubleshooting site.
It did give me an error message once 0x8DDD0004 I can't even find out what that means.

Got the dowload problem fixed but not through win updates.

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