Today is the third time in three weeks that I am having to reset the modem and set up the internet for my friend again.
I have never had this problem with any other Windows OS system... (Including 95)
Is this a normal thing for Windows Vista? Or is something messed? For some reason the settings keep on being reset.
Please keep in mind before answering:
-The person who uses this computer regularly knows nothing about computers except how to check her email
-We have a highspeed modem, but it keeps resetting to dialup

Any ideas?

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please provide more info...

what company is highspeed internet from? HOW is it resetting to dial-up?

Okay, we use Aliant... and what I mean by resetting is the broadband connection randomly pops up and then I lose the internet connection.

Did you check if your modem is compatiable with windows Vista?. Also are you using the correct drivers for windows Vista. Check this information first.

The modem I have was made specifically for windows vista; the same for the drivers... but I'll check to make sure they're installed correctly.

I can't do a whole lot with it though because of the stupid warranty....
it limits my abilities to fix it A LOT.

Solved! I figured it out by playing with the internet settings :)

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