Alright, I may have posted this before cant remember....

I installed the new 169 nvida forceware or whatever drivers about 5 months ago so yeah...

The moment I installed them my computer crashed and went all crazy and every time I turned it on the monito went all mixed colours and shit. I repaired windows XP and it worked fine.

BUT NOW every time I turn off my computer I have to reinstall the graphics drivers because it acts as if they arent installed, it resets my desktop to 1280 x 800 instead of 1440 x 900. Every time I reinstall the graphics drivers of course it says I have to restart the computer to complete the instalation, but if I restart the computer I have to reinstall them again. So if I just say no it works fine.

BUT if I try and install any drivers other than the ones that came with the graphics card on a CD it acts as if I didnt install them at all and I lose ALL of my graphics capability and it reverts to 8 bit mode etc.

But I need to update my drivers from the 165 with the CD to the newest 175 version to play some new games. But I cant, as if I do I have to restart the computer, which just resets everything.

Im REALLY tired of having to reinstall my graphics drivers every time I turn my computer off and on again. Would anyone here be able to help please?

My system specs:

Windows XP SP2
Dual 2.8ghz Intel x86 processors
Nvidia Geforce 6800 graphics card
2gb virtual memory
1gb RAM

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Don't Invidia have a specialised forum on the website.
Also I would be hounding the company for a solution.
Best of luck with it.

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