Hi All,

I've got a machine running XP Pro that can't print. When you go File > Print (in both Office 2003 and Notepad, possibly others), the program freezes and is "Not Responding".

Printers and Faxes doesn't open. Nothing freezes, but it doesn't open and gives no indication that it's trying to.

Also the Print Spooler service is running properly.

I'm not sure that there's any more information I can give than that, but it's certainly got me stumped. I'm trying to avoid having to do a repair install if I can, but that's the only idea I've got so far.

Any Ideas?

Thanks in Advance,

Is the proper printer selected in the File/Print dialog?
Can you uninstall the printer? Do so, if possible, then reinstall it.
Use safe mode if necessary to remove the printer.

Have you tried disconnecting the printer, switching off the printer and the switching it back on and connectin it. Sometimes that could solve your problems with printing.


Hi Guys,

I couldn't access a print dialog or printers and faxes in "normal mode" and I didn't end up trying safe mode.

We use a remote access program called logmein, which recently did an update to the way it handled printing. I rolled back to the version previous and it all seemed to work fine.

Thanks for your suggestions all the same!!