Hi! I'm new to this so if I don't post properly please forgive me ;)
Anyway my question is, I have been having problems with my IE opening when I click on any link that would usually open my explorer, I use AOL for my ISP and the links don't even open a page on AOL. Example, I have Webshots and when I click on the link to take me to the daily photos nothing happens. I believe this all started when I downloaded and installed SP2 :confused: I know you used to be able to set IE as the default browser through the file menu but there isn't anything there anymore for that, I also checked in my Internet Options and I can't find it.. System Info: Microsoft Windows Xp Home edition 2002 Service pack 2 : Hewlet-Packard Pavilion
I would appreciate any help on this matter.
Thank you

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Thank You, Tried the Update and it worked! :p

Great! Glad it worked! :)

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