I am wanting to gain some hands-on knowledge of security (permissions, sharing, etc.). Can I install Windows XP Professional on a second computer and configure it as a server with Active Directory? If so, will this enable me to gain some practice as mentioned above? Where can I get the infi I need to do this? If not, any suggestions as to what I might do?

I am not going to buy Windows Server 2003.

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as far as i know, active directory can ONLY be done on a server, i dont know, i could be wrong, though, you can go to microsoft.com and download a release candidate for 2008 server (free) and use that, you would only need to download the vitual-pc (free) or vm-ware viewer (free)


note, this will probubly require a lot of ram


AD services can only be installed on a server OS.
2008 requires at least 512Mb RAM, and will run very slowly on that.

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