Hi y'all

I'm a new threader so be gentle with me.

I run a 3-year old PC with Windows XP Home edition and I use it for my AutoCAD work. Stupidly, I do not have a recent backup (I put files on CD's). So I do not want to format my HDD or destroy data in any way.

I loaded Norton GoBack and I suspect that this caused my current problems. Anyhoo, I have been trying various things to get the PC to boot Windows but everything has failed so far. The PC will boot with the Recovery CD in and after choosing the 1.C:\Windows option and entering Administration password (enter actually) I get the the C:\Windows prompt.

Using the DOS screen I have taken these actions.

I have followed advice and done these things:

1. Removed GoBack by using gb_prog.exe file copied onto a floppy
2. Made a boot disk but it will not start Windows
3. Selected "R" from the boot CD
4. Used the F10 option at Startup and run the Recovery Program
5. Run PC in Safe Mode - all available options
6. Followed the advice of Charlie White and used the DOS screen to remove these files from the c:\windows\system32\config\ system, software, sam, security and default. Replacing them each with files from the c:\windows\repair folder. Then after rebooting the PC is supposed to boot to a basic XP version.

BUT - none of this worked culminating in the message "Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \windows\inf\biosinfo.inf

Obviously, I could copy this from another PC (this one) and sopy it to the directory but previous experience shows that this may then prompt a message that another file is missing.


I would be so grateful for help. There may be other steps I've already taken and forgottoen. Either way, nothing has worked.

Look forward to hearing from you... UK_spencer

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In my experience, if the repair function from the XP CD won't work, you've got problems that are best sorted out by a Windows re-install.

You shouldn't need to lose any data by doing a Windows re-install, and you will need your applications CDs etc.

If you are worried about your data, then if Safe Mode works, you could whack the data out to a DVD or USB device. If not, you can put your HDD into another PC and extract the data that way; a bit of work but a very sound apporach.

Maybe the brainios here will find a shorter solution with what you've got - but I suspect it's really gonna be back to the basics I've described.

Thanks for this reply.

I cannot get windows to start in safe mode. I get the message that the biosinfo.inf file is missing.

I have already selected to reinstall windows when promted to by my recovery CD but it still will not progress with an install.

Lastly, I have changed the jumpers on the HDD and examined the drive as a slave drive. I dragged the files I could see onto disk, so I have some. However, there were no drawing files (the ones I need) on the drive (visible to me in any case) that were newer than 5 months ago.

So, how can I get to my most recent files to back them up?

Any ideas?

So, if I've understood you right, you've put the HDD into a different PC, changed the drive to slave and dragged some files off.

Your latest CAD files are missing. Is that why you needed Norton GoBack?

Anyway, there is a MS KB article that might apply since you were in re-install mmode:

It might be that Norton is not properly de-installed. I hate the latest Norton products. I still use Norton DiskDoctor & WinDoctor 2003.

Let us know.

You've got to avoid getting deeper and deeper into the doo doo.

Thanks very much for the advice.

I'll try this now.

Incidentally, I only installed GoBack cos I had it. Since then all the problems have occurred. I used the HDD as a slave to try to backup my files and only then discovered that the last few months files were not there.

I'll let you know how I get on.

... and is it a coincidence or what that the MS KB article refers to a previously installed Norton Product?

If you do get your system back, don't be afraid to re-install Norton GoBack. You know how to recover if it is an entrenched problem.

Thanks for the comment Suspishio.

Unfortunately, I cannot get the PC to boot even in Safe Mode (F8) and so cannot get to the control panel to uninstall the Norton product(s).

?? :-(

Then to recover your files, bearing in mind they don't show in Windows Explorer, the only chance you have is to use a recovery utiity (like Norton WinDoctor) whilst the drive is attached to another PC.

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