i sometimes cant open Internet explorer i try several times but it wont open, i check the task manager and processors and it says i am using 100% of my CPU. i have 800 mb of ram. When Internet explorer opens normally, i use about 4% of my ram.
can someone please let me know what is going on thank you

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This could be a few different things, so the first questions to ask are:

What was going on before this occured and do you know if it other browsers work (Firefox, Opera ect...)?

What antivirus antispyware are you using?

Are you able to access the run cmd, control panel and other administrator functions?


thank for the reply
it can happen when there is nothing else is opened
and yes everything else works fine
antivirus is norton internet protection
i have not tried any other browsers


I believe I would start off at this point by trying an online virus scan to see if something is running in background hanging things up. After that look at your startup processes using Windows Defender. This can be done by downloading it and installing it from Mirosoft, Defender rarely has any conflict with Norton so it should be a good way to go.

Once you have it installed follow this path:

Start ---> Control Panel ---> Software Explorer

Using this you can investigate if you have a large number of things starting up draiing resources.

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