Hi, I have a problem with the rights of an administrator and user. On my network the C drive is shared and users can get to the drive, but folders are not accessible to them as the security is set to prevent them from gaining access to them. The local user however also does not have any permissions to access the folder when logged in as "user". Admin log in obviously allows this. Is there a way to allow the local user access to the folder without stopping them browsing to another computer or creating a new user.

Hope this make sense.

Win Xp being used.

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I dont quite get what you mean but if im right you could change this in the share tab on the C:/ drive or through the local policy.

Hope this helps a bit..



Sorry if I did not make myself clear. I will start again. My Network is a server-client setup with Server2003 and Win Xp Pro on the workstations. There are only 2 users.

1. User
2. Administrator

So, Administrator we can ignore at the mo as they have full privileges. User however is set up the same way on all workstations and when logged on can browse to any workstation as the C drive is shared on all machines. On the local machine, they would be able to create a folder and store info in there but this does not allow privacy as the users on the other workstations will be able to browse to this folder. Because I am limited to 1 user login on all workstations I am limited to security for the local machine.

Is there a way to allow the local machine to create a folder that is private to that machine only, without having to create another user. The latter will become complicated as there is a database that will also require access per user?

Hope this is clear.

Many thanks


This could alos be set in the policy but I think it will be in the group policy, not sure tho


i think this can be done by usin any available security soft. such as pc security,by usin this type of soft u want to make any folder private(for ur use only) than lock it with given option .............i think this may solve ur prob. .......i not presserd u to use only pc security,u have choice on google..............


you can give the user right to create while you hide all the other folders from them. so when they browse C: they will only see one folder, the one they create.


Security soft is not good practice, Its my opinion and I think a few people will agree with me.



Thanks people for your suggestions. In the end I am just going to create another user and that would end this dilemma.

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