My cd/dvd combo re-writer causes the computer to re-start after 3 uses...........

can play, record, back up etc 2 disks then the 3rd one crashes the computer............... everything shuts down and comp er-starts...

Any ideas how or why????

how do i fix it???? been like this since i got it for christmas

cd/dvd burner is :ASUS DRW-1814BL

processor Intel(r) pentium(r)dual CPU E2180@2.00GHz

running windows media latest download

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Hi there
first of tell me why do say or what makes you say its your cd/dvd writer??
also post your PSU wattage


Guessing related to dvd/cd drive or media software as it only re-starts when cd/dvd being used.

invoice says 480 watts

any ideas what else it might be if its not the media software or dvd/cd drive??? just assumed it woudl be since it happens only when you play 3 cd's in a row type thing...




It can be a number of things thats causing it t behave the way it does but its reasonable its cd/dvd drw.
get a higher wattege PSU (for testing) and see how it behaves.are you running xp?and how much ram do you have my friend


yes xp and Ram is 0.99GB

weird how it runs 2 perfectly then crashes on the 3rd one every time.....

will take a few days to get a higher wattage PSU...

anything else i can test in the mean time?


I know its pretty weird.i tell you what dont go and buy a new psu yet first test the cd/dvd dwr on a friends computer with a higher psu.il get back to you

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