hi everyone.i'm using winxp pro.i already configure my remote access setting.i log as admin with same username and password in the computer i want to shutdown.but everytime i type shutdown -s -m\\pcname..it comes out with access denied error..what do you think is the probelm?pls help me.i used also shutdown -i comand.but nothing happen. your reply is highly appreciated..

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please, can anybody help me, for How can I Shutdown the Remote computer using for -t parameter(time setting), i tried, but i got the error message "Access is Denied(5)", So, please help me as eraly as possible


Why do you need to shut it down? Do you just need to shut it down once or are you scheduling shutdowns?

When I have problems rebooting a remote computer I usually use a program called Force Restart: http://www.brothersoft.com/force-restart-183024.html You could force restart it then once it boots back up try shutting down using the normal >Start >Shutdown option.

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