hi, i have problem today whereby one of my users has logged onto his computer today but outlook, and his printers where missing inlcuding his favourites in ie7. we are currently using active directory administer the users but he is not part of a roaming profile.
Im fresh out of uni and started a new job a couple weeks later my IT manager went on holiday so im pretty much stuck trying to learn as much as possible!

any help would be greatly appreciated!

does he log into AD or locally?

during logon, the prompting for username/password window can be expanded, it is possible your user logged in locally, and all the settings are in the domain enabled profile. so you will need to re-login into the domain instead of the locla pc

it logs into AD, but after fiddling for a while, i rebooted and all was fine again, it seems to be a bit weird that even logging off and on didnt do it but restarting did? i think what was happening was that it was logging into the pc locally even though the network was fine, internet and stuff was working. bit weird but solved i guess, until it happens again.
thank you!

You might note the computer IP for that unit and if he comes back with a similar issue in the near future try to ping it from another computer, this could be a failing NIC. When this happens on a computer like this it can sometimes create situations where a computer loses accessability to server side applications especially when coming out of sleep or hibernate.

ahhh i see, they are very old computers so this could very well be the problem!

Thank you very much!