I have an HP compaq nc6000 laptop. One day the system shut down on me. I tried to restart it but the only thing that happened was the light showing that power was going to the system came on as well as the fan. I left the computer alone overnight and I tried to start it again. This time the hard drive light came on and I got to the screen that asked me if I wanted to boot in safe mode. I got to safe mode and after about 2 minutes the system shut down again. Again, I got to the screen that gave the option to boot in safe mode but this time the computer didn't boot up in safe mode but again just restarted. This is the cycle that the computer goes through now. Sometimes it doesn't boot at all but other times it boots only to shut down again. The system has no extra RAM and because all of this is done without the computer plugged in, I am assuming the power supply is okay.
Any help would be appreciated.

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This thread should probably be moved to the hardware section under dead machine that being said lets give you a start at help.

It sounds like a possible bad hard drive, so you should probably try to boot into recovery console on your machine and see if it is possible to do a repair or recovery install.

If you have another computer you may also be able to create a boot disk that allows you to scan the hard drive for errors.

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