I have a major issue, I had aquired a PC at no cost, but it had programs and info from the prior owner, and I was deleting programs and user accounts, in doing so, I had messed with the user log in, after restarting, so on the boot up screen, I had pushed esc to set the settings to its original settings, but in doing so, I had reverted it into its apparent Linux O.S, all I had wanted to do was to upgrade to Windows XP.

I cannot provide the computer model, or anything, only because I don't know it, but I would deeply appreciate all the help I can get to just get out of Linux and back to Windows. This computer isn't for me, it is for my family.

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Will not do the upgrade cd is not bootable. can you start the linux system

I can go up to their log in... I think I can try to get the log in info, and I think I can get an XP disk.


ok basically you will have to remove linux to install windows. if you can get a bootable XP cd you will be able to install windows after you delete the partition for linux if you have access to another compuer downlaod this program Killdisk you can use the cd Image or a floppy image which ever is easier to create

use it to deletes the linux installation then pop the windows XP cd in (ensure your computer is set to boot from the CD drive) this can be done from in the bios

easier yet if you have a windows 98SE cd you can run fdisk from the command prompt and remove the linux partition.


I will download the program as soon as I can! Thank you very much for the help! I truly do appreciate it. I will get to work on that other computer in the morning.

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