Alright, my net was disconnected on campus so I scanned for viruses using AVwin and while scanning it found a few trojans and then all of the sudden my comp suddenly restarted and since then it thinks that my rundll32.exe file is not there even though it quite obviously is. many of the malware I found was in system files but I checked with other people who have xp and they don't even have the files on their comp. As a kicker, whereas I used to be able to hit f10 to do a system recovery when starting up my comp, now it says hit f12 to boot from LAN (whatever the hell that means)
I am running a hp pavilion ze5300 laptop with windows XP. I just recently installed SP2 to try and resolve the issue but previous to that I did not have it installed. I want to try and resolve this that somehow doesn't involves shelling out hundreds of dollars for an XP cd, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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It seems like a porblem with the spyware. Try to scan for spyware using Adaware or Spybot

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