Here's the problem:
I am fixing this computer because it will not turn on. Well, I replace the battery in the MB, but now all it does is just turns on; no boot, no display no nothing. Any suggestions?

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I replace the battery in the MB

Why did you have to do this(curious) what screen did it show before?

Is the new battery the right volts (3v,4v,5v ECT...)
Is the monitor have a yellow light on when it should be green?

Did you take proper anti-static measures when entering the case

Take out the ram try one stick at a time, do process of elimination!!!


I always use Anti-Static tools when I go in. I have already replaced the RAM with other sticks...

The screen did not have anything in it in the first place. The reason I replaced the battery is because it didn't even have one to begin with. The computer was discovered in a corner of a room and had not been used in a while.

The color of the light is correct (green)
The Voltage on the battery... I'm not too sure about that, I will have to check that.
Ya see, This is a school computer and I can work with what I have.

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