I have been trying to access a website on my computer and the browser says that it is unavailable. I have gone through all the suggested help suggestions but still cannot access the page. If I try on a friends computer it works. I am not sure whether it is something to do with my firewall. I did disable it and it still didn't work. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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scan for spyware; check cookies settings; try diffenrent browser.

I too have the same problem using IE6 on XP home edition. I have run spybot, adaware, virus scan, deleted all cookies & temp internet files, reviewed hosts file, confirmed page refresh on every visit, downloaded and ran WinsockXPFix, regedit to remove keys, used the XP OS repair utility that came with my PC along with all other suggestions found on the web while searching for a fix to the problem. nothing worked.

I have a home network with 4 PC's. All PCs run the same McAfee firewall & virus protection and all PC's have spybot and adaware. My laptop is the only one of the 4 PC's experiencing this problem.

I have identified 2 websites that I was able to get to 4 weeks ago, but can no longer get to on my laptop, while all other PC's in the house can still access.

this is very frustrating and i have seen by searching on the web that there are a lot of new postings in the past couple of months on different boards with this problem.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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scan for spyware; check cookies settings; try diffenrent browser.

Hello. I have a user that is having this issue (unable to get to www.symantec.com). I can browse to other sites without issues. I ran spysweep and cleaned up some stuff, checked her IE settings with a computer that can get to the site in question. All looks the same. I even tried Firefox and get "connection refused" Ideas? Thanks..

Hi StormChaser,

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