i have windows 98 os, dsl internet connection and i use internet explorer version 6.0 as my browser and since yesterday, i start having problems with accessing certain websites (2-4 out of maybe 15 that i used to go everyday). i even checked these 'unavailable' websites on another computer (using dial-up) and these pages loaded correctly.

when i checked the 'connections' tab in 'internet options', all the 'boxes in LAN settings are unchecked. should i check one of these boxes? by the way, i haven't make any changes in the 'connections' tab. i would be very grateful if anyone can help me here.

i even format my computer but i still have the same problem. does it have something to do with firewall (zone alarm) or norton (restricting internet access)?

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another thing i'd check is your cookies, that probably won't work, but never too bad to delete old cookies and temp internet files. after that, I would suggest disabling your firewalls and accessing the webpages again. Or it could be you just happen to be hitting those webpages at a time where the traffic is too high, and it can't support all the users...thats always an option...(but doubtful) who knows, try those and hope it works for ya!!! :)


Certain spyware/adware can also cause this, as well as a couple of trojans.

Update your anti-virus software & run a full scan. Handle anything it finds.

Then download AdAware, check for updates, run it and remove anything it finds.


also after running ad-aware and spybot S&D then download hijackthis from softpedia scan and then post your log in the security forum.

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