I can't find the drivers for ati mobility radeon 9000 igp. I tried google and it failed me. Can any one please tell me where I can find them? By the way, it's the final version of Vista Business, so the rtm drivers won't work. Thanks in advance.

Hate to tell you this, I'm in the same boat you are, there are no drivers available. You need to have a Mobility Radeon 9500 or better for Vista drivers from ATI. I've got Vista Business up and running on a Mobility Radeon 7500 using the XP drivers, but without any of the fun new Aero stuff.

on amds website they only have vista drivers for 9600-9800

I just saw this from the PC Mag reporter Bryan Gardiner : "it might be worth mentioning that the site will be a sort of repository of Vista drivers. Although Vista is shipping with thousands of driver updates, those who are upgrading a self-built machine from XP to Vista might find they are missing at least a few component drivers not included with the new OS. So the site should be useful for at least a little while..." The site is at http://www.radarsync.com/vista

That's just one of those spam websites.
I'm just using xp drivers.

I think it just died recently. I used it myself when i needed drivers in the beta versions of vista... Sorry for leading you off in the wrong direction.

that's alright. I think I'll just buy a new video card. I'm think i'll get nvidia 6800 gts. I also have a question. What do you guys think of my setup for vista.
cpu 1.81GHz sempron 3000+

1GB memory

80GB hdd, 40GB hdd

and hopefully an nvidia 6800 gts with 256MB ram

would this be a good computer to run vista business?


but semperons and celerons are generally kinda crappy

Ive got a similar (Pentium 4) PC and vista with 1gb is like XP on 512 so some more ram is a must if you want games games, otherwise it should be suficcient for office tasks