Frequently when visiting a site, I am asked to accept/decline a certificate. If I view it and accept it, I am asked where I want to put it. I don't understand this, so I just leave the default location selected.
However, I would like to know more about this. Is there a place (folder/directory) where I can go to to see which certificates have been downloaded?
My question is prompted by the fact that although I have opted to accept certain certificates, I am asked to accept the same certificate the next time I go back to that site, even if I supposedly "downloaded" it to some mysterious location.
Any comments will be appreciated.
Cronista in Phoenix.

When you download something such as a Java applet, ActiveX control, etc., it is often signed with a digital signature, so that you know that what you are downloading is authentic and from a legit company whose website you are visiting. These files get saved in your Temporary Internet Files folder. Depending upon your browser settings, your Temporary Internet Files folder gets automatically cleaned out when you close your web browser, restart your computer, or just periodically. For that reason, you are asked to reaccept a certificate and redownload the file the next time you visit the site.

To get more information about your Temporary Internet Files folder, open Internet Explorer. Click the Tools menu and then on Properties. Under the General tab, you will see a section entitled Temporary Internt files. Click the Settings button. There, you can change how often to clean out the folder, and the files which are currently in it.