Hi, I recently brought windows 98se to replace windows 98nt because bt braodband requires this for some reason (something to do with digital signatures). Anyway, When the cd loads I can't install windows 98se because the computer says "Your computer already has a operating system installed, which can not be upgraded by this version of setup. You need to obtain the windows 98 upgrade. Message su0168"

I was wondering if you knew anyways to install windows 98se, even if this requires starting the computer all over again.

OK, thanks for any help ;)

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you might just have to format the machine, make sure to get backups of all your data that you want to keep, make sure you have all the drivers and such. start up with a boot disk and type

format C:

say yes, let it format, when it asks for a volume lable just press enter for none, then type

to change the directory to drive D: (most likely the default cd drive when booted from disk)

and type


and it should take you through the setup. If setup doesnt work, type dir to see a listing of all the files on the cd and look for one named setup/install or a folder called 98se and type cd 98se and look for a setup/install in there (i know on my 98se disk i have to navigate for the setup)

thanks for the reply, I will try this and let you know.

Hi, I recently installed windows 98se, however after my screen doesn't improve from 16 colours and the screen area is 640 by480. i have been to display properties and settings but it won't allow me to improve these settings.

Any help you give me is greatly appreciated.



You'll need to install video drivers in order to get higher resolutions. This means you need to find out what video card you have, and then locate the appropriate video driver on the web.

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