Hello There,

I have a server running Windows Server 2003 Enteprise Edition and I need some help on how to deploy windows xp sp3 I have no knowledge of deployment of software and im only 15, im doing this for a project :)


google for RIS

commented: Straight to the point answer which solved my problem :) +2

Ive been reading tutorials and im going to give it a go if I have any problems ill hit you a message

Ok, I have a big project on my hands now. boot windows xp installation in RIS and its booted up on a client computer via the network and it asks for username and pass on domain controller, enter it and it formats hard drive gets to copying files and fails to copy some files :S

Any Help?

EDIT : the tut of technet was using 2000 install not xp would this matter?


it says this

Windows XP Professional Setup

Setup cannot copy the file: kbdbhc.dll

- To retry BLA BLA BLA

Ive got it working now thank you :)

glad it's working for you, it is important what OS you are installing
also, read up on slipstreaming the drivers into the riprep images

cheers mate, sorry I couldn't reply earlier

Its ok give me a lesson on google what program can I use for slipstreaming drivers and stuff in and how can I do it where all the info like name product key is installed so there is no input from the client side past the login?

im doing it on 03 prob knowing as windows deployment srervices :)