Hello everyone. My mom recently bought a new HP desktop PC that came with Windows Vista. We are trying to set up a new network to share printers and files. I go through Windows Vista to setup the Network and it saves the settings on a USB flash drive. I plug it in to my Mom's Windows XP laptop and it seems things go through. But the problem is it doesn't work. I go the the desktop and the laptop is not shown in the network. Also I can not get my Mac Book Pro to find the network and printer as well. Can someone please help.

On the XP machine, run the Network Wizard and enable File and Printer sharing. Select a Workgroup name that will be the same on the Vista Machine.
on the Vista machine, open the Network and Sharing Center and set up a private network with file and printer sharing.
You'll need to share the printer. In Settings/Printers and Faxes. Just right-click/Share.
You'll have to reboot for this to take effect.
The Mac should be easy-just open the Network control and enable Windows sharing. I haven't done this in a while, but it's a lot easier than Windows.

My macbook see's the network but I can only select the network put the main computer doesn't show up that the printer is attached to.

What OS is the main computer?

The main computer is running Windows Vista Business. I got my Macbook to work with it. I had disable the Windows Firewall, but my Mom had installed Norton Internet Security and it's firewall took over. I approved my Macbook. I have to try it on the Windows XP laptop as well and see if that is the problem. Thanks for the help.