I am running windows 98se and needed to load frontpage. A kind hearted friend had a copy on office 2003 with frontpage included and said give it a try (for evaluation purposes only of course)!.

It started to load up the program but eventually caused the system to crash with a fatal exception. Whilst firstly I couldnt boot up out of this I did manage to get the system to boot up off of a recovery 98 floppy and then reloaded windows 98SE from the installation disk. While this did get the system up and running again, I am still having Fatal exception errors.

I realise now that I probably have updated the system with some XP files from the office 2003 which most likely is the cause of the problem but dont know what to do now to stop the system crashing (even though I have reloaded windows 98se back in)?

Any ideas folks??

Also for all my other programs which are loaded on the system and my outlook express saved emails and addresses can these be preserved or will I have to eventually reinstall / loose all of these as well?

Regards ~ Bob Ulph

ok you can try this steps but you might loose some data.
REboot in DOS. you can eaither try:
1. start-->shut down--> and select restart in ms-dos
2. with the windows recovery floppy disk select minimal boot.

Once you are in DOS. Type scanreg /restore and hit enter.
You will see some dates. select the date before you install the office XP.

ps. Before you try this make sure that you unplug all objects from PC like printer, scanner. Just leave the keyboard, mouse and speaker if they came with it.

Many thanks. I'll let you know the outcome!

Regards ~ Bob

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