Hello all!!

I am new to this forum and I have researched this forum for my problem concerning active desktop recovery issues but....I have one question or problem that is.

I am a computer technician at a high school where students are trying to do webpages and they are getting "active desktop recovery" on thier respective profile on the desktop. I fixed it by deleting thier profile or doing a system restore. What else can I do to prevent them getting anymore "active desktop recovery" messages. They have strict permission settings and are not allowed to make any changes that I have found such as deleting the desktop.htt file or going into the regedit part of the start > run menu, I'd have to do that myself as an admin and my supervisor does not want me to do that. What else can I do? The teacher that teaches this course is a difficult teacher and if I go to her and explain that it is her students that are causing this I need hard copy back up to prove it.


hi, i need your help in this matter...

i was changing wallpapers and accidentally clicked on a gif image instead of a jpg image...then this message about active desktop recovery appeared and said about themes etc...i tried clicking on the choices given...the endpoint is, my shortcut icons are now enclosed in a box (the icons now have a background instead of text only)...i want my shortcut icons be out of the box..how do i do this?

btw, i am using windows xp

thanks a lot in advance...


marina garcia

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