yeh ive been having problems with the speed of my computer, its really slow and was never this slow. when i open up windows task manager its shows a massive page file usage, and to be honest i have no idea what this is. it always shows a low CPU usage though unless im downloading something. if you need my computer specs here they are : Packard Bell, IMEDIA 5XXX (range), 5077 (model), 256mb of RAM (which isnt ideal), 60GB of memory, Pentium (R) 4 CPU 2.66 GHz. thats all i can find out as im no expert and ive got this off my casing and computer itself. any ideas? and would 3/4 of a GB more RAM help out at all? cheers

hi olibmx15 if this started happening recently i think it could be a virus/spyware. Try running a scan for viruses and spyware. Remember to make sure that your definitions are up to date. If you don't have anti virus or anti spyware software try AVG and Spybot S&D. Good Luck and let us know of the outcome.

hi Jhonnyboy, thanks for the advice, i ran a a check with the norton anitvirus software i already had installed and everything seemed fine. just to make sure i used the symantec online computer scanner and everything was reported as safe. seems strange to me. if you need the list of programs i run here it is: Limewire, Windows Live Messenger, Itunes, Microsoft Office and Norton Internet Security. cheers

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Yes adding as Much Memory as your wallet allows can help. Make sure all the memory is the same make and Speed as different speed modules can conflict. Did this slow down creep up on you or did it occur after new softwae or hardware was installed. You can reset the page file size by right clicking on My Computer to get to properties then go to the advanced tab then look for the performence settings button then it's advanced tab the page page file is also called virtual memory try enlarging it to the recommended max. That Allows it to run smoother. Keeping it a fixed size also seems to help as it is not constantly readjusting as you open and close programs. 256 MB of RAM is at the low end to run XP by itself so the office and other programs are really straining the limit of what the machine can do on that small a RAM setup. I have seen a machine run XP Home on 196 MB of RAM but it would take five minutes to open a program up and get ready to try and function.

It is possible you have a trojan in your system. There are special Trojan Hunting programs out on the Market I have used Trojan Hunter with good results after a similar Slow down on my Machine. 2 Trojans were found and dealt with. Speed improved some and I did the other tweaks as listed above which also helped some.

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thanks again for the advice sarge, i have already looked at more RAM for my computer and have made sure it is the correct make on my virtual memory is at its maxiumum size yet my computer keeps insisting it is making it bigger. cheers

Like Sarge said earlier it might be a virus of some sort. Try scanning your computer with different "scanners" download adaware, spybot, avg and do some quick scan with those. If they find some stuff that norton didn't find then we might be on to something. Use CCleaner or ATF cleaner to wipe out all temp files. Good Luck and let us know of the outcome :)

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nahh i didnt find a thing, this is becoming a pain. anyway im going to get that extra GB of ram and see what it does. otherwise its onto cheers for all the help guys.

If your virus and malware scans failed to turn up anything I would download Glary Utilities and run a registry cleaner. this will help speed up your pc a bit. Also check your page file settings (ctr panel, system, Advanced tab, performance settings button, avanced tab). Be sure that your total paging file size is roughly 1.5 - 2x the size of your RAM. Paging files, simply put, are a block of your hard drive that acts like RAM. If the system managed size is not working for you then set them manually to 1.5 - 2 times the size of RAM and this should help.

As someone mentioned earlier, it's most likely a virus or a trojan. The problem is, if it's already in your computer, antivirus won't notice it, so you will either have to remove it manually or install additional antivirus software or some spyware softwares (such as Adaware). As for the RAM upgrade, DO IT! (use , I always find cheapest offers there). It surprises me, why packard bell decided to install only 256mb of memory with pentium 4 2.66ghz. Anyway, good luck with your computer.