After installing upddates for windows vista computer error occurred
Error message Windows activation error. A problem occurred when windows tried to activate
Error code oxc004e003
This is a valid copy of vista pruchased on a lenovo t61 tablet
Any suggestions
Called Lenovo and they put us through to microsoft and we are waiting for them to get back to us

Have you checked out the Microsoft forum?

Dear Sirs:

The computer in question is in Grenada West Indies - after much back and forth calling between countries and between Lenovo and Microsoft each blaming each other for the problem a resolution was reached. Finally someone at Lenovo was able to instruct us how to return the computer to factory settings. Of course this lost much of the content of the computer as we couldnt access the files when this occurred. But it is now working and we are dreading updates so we inspect each now and only download what we aboslutely need.

Much of what was posted on the forums was tried but until the Lenovo tech got us back to factory settings nothing was working. Your reply to the post beat me to this reply

Thank you

Mark this as solved as finally after much back and forth with Lenovo and Microsoft the Lenovo Tech achieved talking us through a return to factory settings. This resolved the problem although files on the computer were lost.
Thanks to all