Well, what happens is that I turn it on and it sounds like it is booting, I hear the HD start up and make on sound and then it just sits there; turned on and nothing on the screen.

Any ideas? :?:

Nothing on the screen at all? Does it beep? Have you tried opening it up and making sure the video card and ram are properly situated in the motherboard?

It seems the other post regards the computer prompting for a BIOS password while in this post the computer doesn't display anything? bluedos, is this the same machine?

I have several computers like this, but yes, the computer in question is the one that I did do the BIOS password rest on.

Sorry I can't give specifics on the machine; the majority of the computers here are at least 5-10 years old and this is my first time being in a situation like this.

Since it's the same computer, I'm going to lock this thread. This way everyone can reply at the other thread since it regards similar problems with the same computer.