I got my usb u8000 tv tuner and i realised that powercinema doesn't find any station on Windows xp(both 32 and 64 bit).I searched a bit and found out that others have the same problem too. On the other hand in vista works great...Anyway if its not a driver issue is there any other alternative windows tv-tuner software compatible with this hardware?:-/

thanks in advance!!

OS:Win XP x64 SP2

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i had the same problem on my winXP 32b. i solve it changing my region settings. for example, i live in Greece, and i change it to Germany or Italy. i know my tv system is PAL BG. try to find a compatible country tv system like yours.

Sorry after i wrote this post i noticed that you are from Greece, so try Germany or Italy, it works fine to me!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!
You cant imagine how troublesome this was to me......
How on earth did you think that??!!!???
Anyway ,GREAT idea.......

ΕΥΧΑΡΙΣΤΩ!!!!!(since you live in Greece)

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