hello, I would really appreciate any help at all.
When I started my computer I got this message windows root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe missing or corrupt
Then when I started it with the windows cd it went straight to windows shutting down to protect the computer check for viruses, remove any new hard drives or chkdsk/f
when checking what this means it seemed to be a hard drive going bad, so I bought a new hard drive
But again when I went to install windows I got the same error message.
I have tried opening in safe mode and last known good start up. Nothing has worked.
Everything I have found says the fix is to reinstall windows but I can't do that.
Any thoughts or suggestions?

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thank you. It does boot to the cd, but windows shuts down before it get to the repair or install option. That is where I am having the problems.


ah ok

when was the last time that you cleaned the inside of the computer

also disconnect the hard drive and turn on the computer if it still turns off on its own then this might be an over heating problem as well check to see if all the fans turn on ad make sure the heat sink on the CPU is free from dirt


thanks but the computer isn't shutting down, windows is before the install. I'm getting a stop error message...check for viruses, hard drive configuration or chkdsk/f...none of which I know how to do without an os


oh ok

take the hard drive out and install it in a different computer as a slave and format it then reinstall that drive back into the computer and try to install windows

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