This is NOT an Internet Explorer question.

I do not have access to this machine.
I loaded Windows XP Media Center Edition on a 1 - 2 yr old Gateway PC using the supplied Gateway recovery CD.
I downloaded the correct chipset, nic, video card, sound card drivers from Gateway and installed those.
I put the MVP Hosts file in the correct location.
I loaded and updated AVG antivirus.

There was no (zero) crapware installed from the recovery disk.

Once XP was installed, I unplugged the machine, went outside and blew the dust out of it.
I came back in and it booted fine.

I then demonstrated to the user that the PC had internet access.

The administrator account has a password
The user account created when XP Media Center Edition was installed has no password
Logon is automatic, no choosing user or entering password. (yeah, yeah, i know, bad practice.)

When the user got home, they say that EVERYTHING they click produces
Windows cannot access the device path or file
or words to that effect.


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this, made very strange by the fact it was a brand-new install.

avg reported finding 8 instances of
download generic7

once removed, the problem went away.

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