This is NOT an Internet Explorer question.

I do not have access to this machine.
I loaded Windows XP Media Center Edition on a 1 - 2 yr old Gateway PC using the supplied Gateway recovery CD.
I downloaded the correct chipset, nic, video card, sound card drivers from Gateway and installed those.
I put the MVP Hosts file in the correct location.
I loaded and updated AVG antivirus.

There was no (zero) crapware installed from the recovery disk.

Once XP was installed, I unplugged the machine, went outside and blew the dust out of it.
I came back in and it booted fine.

I then demonstrated to the user that the PC had internet access.

The administrator account has a password
The user account created when XP Media Center Edition was installed has no password
Logon is automatic, no choosing user or entering password. (yeah, yeah, i know, bad practice.)

When the user got home, they say that EVERYTHING they click produces
Windows cannot access the device path or file
or words to that effect.


this, made very strange by the fact it was a brand-new install.

avg reported finding 8 instances of
download generic7

once removed, the problem went away.

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