Please help me. i downloaded this thing called ringtone-composer of of a website( i tried to open it and got this error message: 'A device ID has been used that is out of range for your system' . can anyone please help me? if u do ill give u good rep.

sounds like an IRQ thing little dude.

go Start>control panel>system
then click the hardware tab then click the device manager button.
In the popup select view> Resources by type and select IRQ.
you may have an address conflict and you will be able to tell if the same
is assigned twice and tell if there is a conflict with a particular device
by the presence of a red exclimation point icon next to it.
you may simply have misconfigured software and it may want a direct link to your phone. i dont know. i havnt used the software that youre using before.
it may all be crap and may just be attempting a hack or spyware install.
if you trust the software then it may just be misconfigured.

this is all i got.

what do i do after i go to the device manager and then click IRQ?

check for conflicts. theyll have a red "!" by them if theyre not working

sorry about the late responce.. server crash in work land there is no IRQ it vanished

repeat the steps in my first block to get back to the IRQ stuff
if you had no irqs you wouldnt have any addresses for your devices..
cpu.. sound card.. printer.. etc

if ther isnt any conflicts then maybe the software youre using just isnt installed
correctly and needs some tweaking.
theyre might be an options or a configuration pulldown in the app if it starts..
else you might check the manufacturerererers website as well.. :?:

i did repeat the steps from the first 1 b4 i posted my last message and it didnt come up the second time but it came up the first time. here, just forget it i dont need the program that bad. thanks for trying. ill give u some good rep 4 your efforts.

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