I have a couple of video files i am trying to play through WMP11 but there is no sound only a picture but i have the correct codec as i have other files that work fine, i am trying to watch these videos on my works computer as i downloaded them at home and brought them into work on my portable hardrive.

I noticed when i check the audio properties it only lists the duration and bit rate and does not have an audio format listed, im pretty sure thought that they play fine on my home computer but cant be too sure till i get home and check them, anyone got any ideas?

thanks in advance

Hey brew
chances are they not going to play at home. but if they do make sure other files of the same format can play on your works wmp.
maby its just cos its porn.lol
just kiding

just checked there and i deleted them from my home pc, so guess there is no way of finding out now but like i said other vids did play in my work fine, it just seemed to be these certain two that didn't and i thought it may be something to do with the properties not listing an audio format

cheers anyway

could be something suspicious on the file format that media player just dont like
sorry couldnt be of more help

no probs cheers anyway for responding