My internet connection has stopped working. This is true in both my email client and in any browser that I open. It appears the browser, or other program, sends a request to connect to a specific server, and then does not get a connection to the server back. The browser times out while waiting for the connection. Outlook does not time out. It just sits.

Can anyone suggest things to check, or to try, to resolve this? It was working fine and next day wouldn't work. BTW, I am running Windows XP – SP2 and numerous security and other updates.

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a few simple things to try.....

check your network card and see if you have a link light......

open command prompt and see if you can ping local machines and outside addresses.....

Also, let us know if you are on a network, or if this is a home pc, or how you are connected.

If you are on a home network, try unplugging your router or modem to refresh settings. Let us know some more details, and we will look into it.


Let us know some more details, and we will look into it.

After not working for 2-3 days it decided to work again. I surely wish Microsoft had been a crummy marketer. Then, perhaps, a better OS would have won out.

Anyway, I have two XP machines, a desktop and a notebook. There is also a notebook that is running Vista. All three are joined in a home network and share printers, scanner, and an external hard drive. The two notebooks are wireless to the router, and the desktop is Ethernet.

While the XP notebook would do nothing on the Internet I used the wired desktop to post my questions; no problem. Before I could try the steps that you and some other fine folks suggested I tried my notebook again, and it was working (scratch head). So there's some more details, but I wouldn't spend any more time looking into it at this point.

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