I use netgear for my wireless and after trying to set up a ( Network) i am having problems with one of my client computers timing out on the internet and not being able to connect. My email still works and after restarting computer i regain internet browsing for a while then it goes out again !! Other computers are fine, this one is xp with service pack 2 and i think it is probably some setting i screwed up somewhere, i have all firewalls shut off but no help !! It use to work fine on all computers but not sure what i did !! I have tcp/ip set to auto detect and its always worked fine that way. I pinged my ip and i done ipconfig all on my ip and there on here uploaded so you can see them. On the ipconfig/all i got this (Torpedo Tunneling) what the heck is this ? Anyways got any ides i would really appreciate it !! Thanks Jeff.........firefox browser/avg

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Teredo is part on the latest internet protocols and was probaly part of an update.
you may have to manually assign IP addresses.

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