I installed the public beta of Vista (5728) on one harddrive and later installed Win2k on another. Ever since I installed win2k i haven't been able to boot into vista. Vista isn't listed as a boot option on the boot menu and I've read its because vista doesn't use the nt loader but instead boot manager or something. Even if I disconnect the win2k drive and make the vista drive primary in the boot sequence I still get the following error:

Windows 2000 could not start because the following file is missing or corupt: <windows 2000 root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe.
Please re-install a copy of the above file.

Why is the boot sector thinking this is 2k still?

which os did you install first?

This is an issue with Vista. I do tech support for Vista at an outsourcing firm and MS has instructed us tell people it is their XP or W2K that is the problem but it is a Vista problem. For now you will have to reinstall Vista and make sure it is on a seperate HD then if you want to use W2K/XP you will have to power off your computer then disconnect the drive that Vista is installed on then go to XP/W2K then reconnect to get back to Vista. This is the "official" fix for now until they release the first service pack for Vista.

I was looking for having my laptop on dual boot as well. I was told that I have to format the hdd which already has vista home basic on it. The partition the hdd( i am making 3 ptns, one20gb for xp pro, one 20 gb for visat abasic and rest 40 gb for data)

Now for this how do i go or is it even possible for me to do it? It is 1 gb ram turion 64 mk36 2ghz processor.

Which one should i install first XP or Vista?